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Why do we collect this information?

Collecting specific information about our participants allows us to let you know about representative opportunities you may be eligible for including regional, state and national teams. This information will also provide us with a better understanding of our player diversity, help us to increase participation, and support the development and delivery of cricket programs across Australia.

Assisting with the program is a great way for parents to get back some family time with their kids, learning and having fun together.


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If you prefer to pay cash, payments will be accepted at junior registration day to be held on Sunday 18th August 2015.

An invoice for the amount payable will be emailed to you.

Johnny is all set for the MILO in2CRICKET program at Randwick Junior Cricket Club . A confirmation email will be sent to mark.hunter@hotmail.com

MILO in2CRICKET is the first step in Johnny's cricket journey from backyard to Baggy Green.

The MILO in2CRICKET program will commence Saturday 3 November @ 10:00 AM.

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Enjoy a fantastic night out with your family at the BBL.